How We Deliver Care & Support

Initial Referral:


Some people will contact Butterfields Home Services directly when they are looking for care and support at home; others will be referred to us by health & social care professionals. Whichever way you have come into contact with us, the information about you, which is passed to us, will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially.


Before providing you with any services, we will need to talk to you and anyone else you think we should talk to, so that we ensure that the services we provide are going to be suitable for you.


Assessing Your Needs:


If a health professional has referred you to us, you will already have had an assessment of your needs carried out by a Social Worker or a Care Manager. A summary of your 'needs assessment' will be passed to us. If you have approached us directly, we need to make an assessment ourselves. To do this we will need to ask you, your family or current carers who know you best quite a lot of questions. We hope that you will not find the process by which we get to know you, too intrusive. We want to build up a picture of the type of help you will need and we will do this as quickly and as tactfully as possible. We aim to make sure that we understand what you need and what your preferences are about services, so that we can respond in ways that suit you. If at any time, you do not feel comfortable with the process, please let us know, so we can look at how to improve things for you.


Assessing Risks:


As part of our assessment of your needs, we will need to discuss with you how you can maintain your independence as safely as possible. We will, therefore, with you, carry out 'risk assessments' in your home and if it seems appropriate we might make suggestions as to how some risks could be minimised.


Your Service User Plan:


Having assessed your needs and any risks, we then, with you, your family or those who know you best, prepare a plan for the care and support we expect to provide for you. These will specify for you the services we will provide. They may also state the objectives we have agreed with you that the service hopes to achieve and how we hope to meet these objectives.


Reassessing Your Needs:


Over time people’s needs change. You may find you need more or less care and support, the type of service you need might alter or you might need to consider your safety again. Therefore, in discussion with you and or those who know you best we will regularly review your needs and make any changes necessary. If at any time there are aspects of your care and support, which you would like to change, please let us know.




The work of Butterfields Home Services inevitably involves the need to know a good deal about you. This helps us to provide the right care and support for you, but we understand that much of this information is highly personal and sensitive. As providing your care and support is a complex process, it is not possible to guarantee that the information you give us will be handled only by the staff you first told, but we can ensure that information is seen only by staff on the basis of their need to know. If we need to share information about you, we will wherever possible, ask your permission to do this. We will only break the rule of confidentiality in exceptional circumstances, for example, if a staff member learns that the law has been or is likely to be broken, or where you or someone else is in imminent danger. If you would like a copy of our Confidentiality Policy, please ask your Support Worker or telephone us on: 01823 211112

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